Cine este Nancy Pelosi?



Din ciclul “pleaca ai nostri, vin ai nostri”, cateva extrase dintr-un discurs rostit de noul lider al Camerei Reprezentantilor a SUA, Nancy Pelosi, in fata Comitetului pentru Afaceri Publice Americano-Israelian, cea mai importanta organizatie de lobby israelian din SUA, in mai 2006. “The United States will stand with Israel now and forever.” Aceasta este “noua politica” a SUA: pleaca ai nostri, vin ai nostri! Pentru a nu fi acuzati de denaturare, citatele sunt in versiunea originala, in limba engleza.

pelosi4.jpgPrietenie de multi ani
“Thank you, Amy Friedkin, my dear friend for so many years. Californians, North and South, are proud of your great leadership at AIPAC. And to Bernice Manocherian, President of AIPAC, thank you. All who care about peace in the Middle East are grateful for your strength and wisdom in guiding AIPAC. As a native of Baltimore, I take special pride of your incoming President, Howard Friedman, who will continue in the tradition of outstanding leadership at AIPAC.”

Pelosi vede adevaratul Israel
“I also want to acknowledge all of the students who are here. It is great to see so many young people taking such an interest in public affairs, especially on one of the critical issues of our time: peace in the Middle East.”

“This spring, I was in Israel as part of a congressional trip that also took us to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. One of the most powerful experiences was taking a helicopter toward Gaza, over the path of the security fence. We set down in a field that belonged to a local kibbutz. It was a cool but sunny day, and the field was starting to bloom with mustard. Mustard is a crop that grows in California, and it felt at that moment as if I were home.”



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